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What Defines a Good Restaurant Brand?

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A good restaurant brand doesn’t just happen. Rather, it is the result of meticulous attention to detail, expert storytelling, and a consistent effort to innovate with every decision. Best-in-class restaurant branding is smart, customer-centric, and can be easily interpreted throughout the interior environment of a restaurant.

With the right strategies, help from a professional designer, and a dedication to enhancing the customer experience, your restaurant can portray its unique brand in a bold way.

Why is Branding So Vital for Overall Success?

Branding is much more than the logo on your menus and your exterior sign. It is a careful weaving of minor details that align with your restaurants underlying mission, values, and concept. There are various factors that define a good restaurant brand, with the key concepts being:

Your restaurant’s menu: The type of cuisine that you serve may be the most obvious way of defining your brand for your customers. From the font you choose to the way that you describe your food options all tie into your larger brand. For example, if you’re a casual dining establishment, you may consider wording your menu in a “humanized” way, so that it sounds like the menu itself is having a conversation with you.

When designing your menu and the type of food that you offer, make sure that it is streamlined to your concept. Busy menus with too many options can be confusing for customers or create a perception of messiness.

Your restaurant’s name: When we think of branding, the name and logo of your restaurant is often the first thought of restaurant owners or operation managers. Your name is the gateway into your concept; without a clear name, decoding your offerings is near impossible for an outsider. A professional designer would encourage you to choose a name that is simple, easy to say, and clear to read.

Presentation: Good restaurant branding includes creating an ambiance that fits your concept and creates an atmosphere suited to your customer’s expectations. If you’re opening a fine dining establishment, it’s important that your utensils and furniture are high-quality, background sound is soft and soothing, and that your lighting is moody to create an intimate dining experience.

Service: In the same way that presentation of your built environment is vital to good branding, service that matches your concept is critical. Service differs between restaurant typologies, and once again, should match customer’s expectations upon walking in. Traditionally, fast-food restaurants only have service staff behind the counter, while high-end dining establishments are met at the door by a staff member dedicated to providing them with impeccable service.

All of the above facets of a restaurant come together to create an overarching brand that is accessible to your customers and functional for you. As a restaurant owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to create a brand that sets you apart from the competition.

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Designer Cost for Renovating a Restaurant

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Giving a physical structure a makeover is a hefty undertaking. A restaurant renovation entails a mass of plans, dates, and money. Therefore, a talented well-educated designer is needed. What is the designer cost?

A restaurant renovation has to be carefully thought out and methodically undertook. A restaurant renovation is based on the brand. The designer putting ideas and must-haves together has to know the brand inside and out to produce the wanted product. The design process can take a few pressing weeks to a year to complete.

AARONALLEN & Associates offers insight on renovating a restaurant with a design consultant that offers quality, not a cheap price. Restaurants are normally built to cost $85 to $300 per square foot.

How much does a restaurant design cost? Restaurants.com suggests:

…a 3,000 square foot restaurant can cost, on average, anywhere from $250,000 to $1,000,000 to build from the ground up. Using Allen’s 10% rule, design costs would take up $25,000 to $100,000 of total planned expenditures.

Keep in mind the renovation of a successful eating establishment depends a lot on equipment. If new equipment is needed, expect to pay $30,000 to $100,000. Assume the price of a walk-in freezer to be $10,000 to $30,000. Expect an exhaust fan to run $15,000 to $50,000. For other price tips, the article Average Cost of Restaurant Renovation. Restaurant.org offers a few more ideas to keep in mind for renovation success in the article Restaurant Remodeling: Arm Yourself for the Battle of the Budget.

With the amount of work and the excessive plans, an interior designer is an investment within an investment. Making sure they are well qualified and discerning will ensure a fabulous finished product.

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5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Restaurant

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Starting a restaurant is a wonderful endeavor! It’s challenging and exciting, but you need to make sure you do not get too caught up in that excitement that you forget some really important factors. Maybe you’ve thought it over and know exactly how you want everything, but in case you’ve forgotten something, here are five key elements to consider.

Brand Direction

Before you make any major decisions, you should decide on a brand direction, and maybe hire a brand consultant if you feel it’s necessary. This person will do research about your prospective patrons and help you brand your business accordingly. They will guide you in the right direction to reach the people you want at your restaurant. Many following decisions will be based on the brand you and your consultant choose for you.

Food Options

Who is your target audience? Should you have a large menu to please everyone’s taste buds, or do you want something simpler to please your guests with an easier decision-making process? In making these decisions, you’ll have to determine a food budget. You should also decide what you’ll be “known” for. Will you be known for your succulent seafood or your warm, creamy soups?

Menu Design

What about menu aesthetics? Are you wanting something up-scale or maybe something a little more retro? See, there are lots of ideas to consider here! Here are some design ideas:

This menu is brightly colored and enthralling. It's very visually stimulating, perfect for lunch or dinner.

This menu is brightly colored and enthralling. It’s very visually stimulating, perfect for lunch or dinner.

This menu is easy to navigate. The pictures pull the customers' eyes to page, allowing them to make an easier decision. You could picture your signature meals at the tops of the pages.

This menu is easy to navigate. The pictures pull the customers’ eyes to page, allowing them to make an easier decision. You could picture your signature meals at the tops of the pages.

This menu has a modern, up-scale feel about it.

This menu has a modern, up-scale feel about it.

Interior Design

Unless you have a knack for design, you may want to consult an interior designer. Even if you know what you want your restaurant to look like, a professional will be able to help you execute your plans more efficiently. An interior designer will also be able to tell you what will look best to your customers. Here are some design ideas:

A simple design, like this one by Minas Kosmidis, with white wooden floors and a homey feel.

A simple design, like this one by Minas Kosmidis, with white wooden floors and a homey feel.

Golucci International Design

A cozy, inviting design, like this one by Golucci International Design, with a modern splash.


A corporate design, like this one by DesignLSM. This is a place you would take someone you’re trying to impress!


While you may not be that far into the game yet, it’s never too early to begin prospecting. In order for a restaurant launch to be a success, you need a strong staff. Think about what who you want representing your restaurant. Do you want a younger, more fun staff, or do you want employees who are a little more refined? Also, think about appearance. What uniform will best correlate with your restaurant brand?

For help launching your new restaurant, contact us! We are here to serve you, so you can serve us!

Making Restaurant Branding Work for You

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When you decide to open a restaurant, one of the first things you need to consider is how you want to brand your restaurant.  What is it about your restaurant that sets you apart from every other restaurant in your area? Restaurant branding doesn’t just make you sit down and decide what’s special about your business.  It also tells potential customers who you are.

Your logo is the first interaction your customers have with your restaurant.  It should give them an idea of what to expect.  What kind of “feel” should they expect from your restaurant?  Is it a family restaurant?  A bar and grill?  Should customers be dressed up or dressed down?  Your logo should give your customers the answer to those questions at a glance.

Tie your interior design to your logo.  When customers step through your door, they should have the feeling that they already know what to expect from your restaurant.  They’ve seen the logo; carrying it inside makes them feel comfortable and at home.  Use the same colors in your restaurant that you do in your logo or bring elements of it inside to tie your interior design together.

Determine what you want your customers to say about you.  What is it that you want to set your restaurant apart?  When customers leave your restaurant, what do you want them talking about?  Design your restaurant in such a way that your customers leave with that concept uppermost in their minds.  Do you have a focus on customer service that can’t be beat?  A family-friendly atmosphere that will have a couple on date night eager to come back with the kids?  A particular dish that can’t be beat by any of your competitors?  By focusing on this element, you’ll help your customers recognize it, too.

If you’re looking to build your restaurant’s brand from the ground up and not sure where to start, contact us!  We’re ready to help with every step of the process.