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Revolutionize Your Bathroom Renovation

By March 23, 2016March 26th, 2016No Comments

Your bathroom renovation should be as essential as any other area of your living space. You will discover that there are particulars you may not have considered, yet will make substantial differences.


The traditional seat height has been 15 inches until a few years ago. Now, the trendy “comfort height” of 17-19 inches is all the talk about toilets. You do not have to conform to trends, do what is comfortable for you. The same goes with oblong seats vs round seats. Take into consideration that oblong will take up more space, and are generally a little more in price. For additional information, glance over this quick about home article that reviews what to take into account while toilet shopping.

To Tile or Not to Tile…

Tiling is a great investment that lends itself to creativity with no boundaries. When it comes to the specifics of what sort of tile to use, what size tile to use or how to interchange multiple styles and sizes, you can use a few different resources. Browsing the web is always a convenient resource, such as Daletile’s visualizer, which includes various unique layouts to play with. But going to your local remodeling stores or consulting with an interior designer will prove more useful. Your remodeling stores will have displays that incorporate combinations that can assist with ideas you already have. You can also get an idea of the textures, durability and the endless styles and colors.

If cost is getting away from you, discuss options with the retailer. Incorporating larger tile into the project can be more cost efficient, while still accenting with more detailed trims or backsplashes. If you feel the need to get a glimpse now, here’s an article that explores floor-to-ceiling tile looks, with a few tips and suggestions.


If the vanity is part of the renovation, consider whether you can repurpose it. This will save on cost and allow finances to be distributed elsewhere. This can depend on how you are showcasing your renovation, in essence to how much of a “wow” factor the bathroom tends to be. If you have an interior designer and carpenter, discuss this option with them. A carpenter can fix up or add onto an existing vanity, or make a new one.

Light it Up!

Lighting is everything, everywhere you go! It sets a mood, it provides for functionality and it adds to design and cohesiveness of the area. Take advantage of any natural light you can utilize, but also “layer” lighting. Lumens has some quick technicality lighting suggestions, while HGTV provides “13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas.” Lighting options are extensive, with prices starting at under $100 at larger retailers such as Lowes, and ranging through the hundreds and thousands for more sophisticated and original styles. Again, consult with an interior designer to get the most out of your lighting needs, while still staying creative.


Discover the look you desire, in addition to the functionality you have room for and strive for. The assistance of our professional interior designers can ultimately provide you with the most cost-effective approach while getting what you want out of your renovation. Contact us today to maximize your space and budget.