SCMP Lifestyle: Redesigned offices give workers freedom to hatch fresh ideas

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Kevin Lim Chin-kwok, founder and managing director of OpenUU, believes the workplace design trend is about bosses seeking a happy medium: they want an office space where staff don’t mind spending time as the need arises. So remote work options will still be on the table, he feels, without losing the social aspect, which is also productive. (Continue Reading)


SCMP Lifestyle: architects rekindle passion for plywood, 70 years after Eames chair

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Kevin Lim Chin-kwok, managing director of openUU, employed it as a key element in a warehouse-to-gallery conversion at Wong Chuk Hang, and the Wan Chai art centre of the Asian Cultural Council. In the gallery, plywood platforms cleverly conceal storage space below and also form decorative shelving.

“We try to use it in an orthogonal way [where objects meet at 90 degrees] to create space,” he said.