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Bathroom Renovations: What You Should Consider When Getting Started

By March 2, 2016March 3rd, 2016No Comments

If you’re a business owner, or looking to upgrade your residential space, a bathroom renovation can be an involved–but highly necessary–project. With some prep work, a quick checklist, and an understanding of the time and money this will truly take, you’ll be able to plan and update your bathrooms in the way you want!

For homeowners, the average budget for bathroom renovations in 2015 was just over $9,000. The high-end spend was around $20,000 (be aware that for a large, extensive bathroom upgrade, especially for a commercial space, this number could rise even higher). As a rough estimate for your needs, you can begin with $175 to $225 per square foot, as approximated by a principal at Collaborative Design Architects. With these calculations, note that if you plan to be very thrifty and save, your cost may run closer to $100 per square foot–and if you plan to replace counters, floors, tub, and more with extremely high-end materials (the works), you could be looking at over $300 per square foot.

Compare these numbers to your project’s size and scope, and estimate from there to begin to develop a budget.

For time frame, you should be aware that bathroom remodels can take anywhere from one week (for a fast, efficient, and round-the-clock team) to six weeks. This will depend on your contractor and your efficiency in getting set up, so determine what factors you’ll be working with in your situation to assess.

As you go further, think through the details that will make differences for your time and budget:

Materials. Your budget will greatly depend on the materials you use. If you’re going for a luxury look, natural materials for walls and counters, like granite, marble, or teak will impress, but may run your expenses up. For a budget-friendly option, look to materials like laminate for your countertops, to upgrade lightly.

Contractors. Before you choose a contractor, be sure to know your options and do your research; carefully check your contractor’s references to be sure you’ll be getting the best return on your investment. Talk to at least three different contractors to assess a baseline budget, and to see where each falls. Consider, also, the flexibility of your contractor. Will he or she be able to work the hours you need in order to finish your renovation on time? Are you more flexible, and able to work with a longer timeline if it means a smaller budget?

If you plan ahead and know what your non-negotiables are–and what you can be open on–you’ll have the bathroom upgrade of your dreams in a smooth, simpler process. For more information on renovations and redesigns, contact us today.